About the authors

Just who are the authors and what qualifies them?

Move to MexicoSonia Diaz has been consulting on immigration and relocation projects in Mexico for almost a decade and has processed thousands of applications and other submissions for services and permits. She has offices in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta with services available in all of Mexico. She runs the highly popular website, www.SoniaDiaz.mx with helpful information for those who wish to come to Mexico. Her intent is to inform, to be concise and accurate. A Mexican national, all of Sonia’s information is based on extensive experience and her English is impeccable. Sonia offers a range of consulting services designed to help you make your life in Mexico easier.

Move to MexicoA Canadian expat and affirmed wanderer, Beverley Wood is a producer, consultant and author who has explored and written about popular locations in Mexico since 2003. After living in assorted states and cities in Mexico, she settled on Cuernavaca as her Mexican base, just 50 miles south of Mexico City. Having gone through the immigration process herself and having wandered through much of Mexico, she has lots of first-person advice (and opinions) to share. She also consults on relocation to Mexico for select clients.

Between the two of them, they’ve got you covered.

If you have questions when you’re finished reading the book, just email authors@movetomexicobible.com – they’d be delighted to help!