Amazon Review from February 28, 2020:

I have read about a half dozen books on this topic – many are written by expats with longevity but little real depth and experience on relevant topics. THIS BOOK IS THE BEST! Sonia Diaz has knowledge, depth, expertise and experience; I consider her to be one of the best resources. (I have traveled in various parts of Mexico for decades, lived in 4 different states in Mexico, and am fluent in Spanish). This is THE BOOK YOU NEED.

So, you’re thinking about moving to Mexico? Good for you. It’s exciting to plan your adventure and even more exciting to live it. Some questions to ask yourself:

What will you do for medical insurance?

Will you be bringing your vehicle and pets?

Are you allowed to own property in Mexico?

How do you handle paying utilities?

Can you transfer money online easily?

How long can you stay?

Will you have to pay taxes?

Do you have enough money to live there?


 It’s a big country – living in Cuernavaca is nothing like living in Cabo. The Move to Mexico Bible takes a look at 33 different cities and towns – from Ensenada to Tulum  – exploring variables from expat population to climate and conveniences.


This book will also walk you through the legal process for obtaining your residency visa and will give you invaluable advice about health care, household help, communications, real estate and other topics of interest.

Sonia Diaz & Beverley Wood share their decades of acquired knowledge and personal on-the-ground experience in The Move to Mexico Bible.

Make your move to Mexico with confidence and ease using the information in this 262-page book featuring 95 photographs. Available in Kindle or Paperback formats from Amazon – click here. Both color and B&W paper editions are available. Kindle version is color.

If you are in a country other than the US, you will need to visit your local Amazon site to purchase the Kindle version.